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Mother of my Blood, Flesh and Bone.
I love you because you gave me life.
Mother of my heart.
I love you because you gave me love and showed me how to love.
Mother of my spirit.
I love you because you gave me comfort and a safe haven when I was lost and couldn't find my way.
My Mother.
I love you because you are my mother.

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Technically i'm technical, Literally i'm literal, Realistically i'm real, Naturally i'm natural, Artistically i'm artistic, Honestly i'm honest, Spiritually i'm spiritual, Weirdly enough i'm weird , Secretly i'm secretive, Publicly i'm public. But totally i'm ME the one and only never to be duplicated 100% originally original.

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[Poll #1483365][Poll #1483365]
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Okay so I have come to a discision LJ is a new drug that seeps into your blood stream through secret micro waves that get absorbed through your eyeballs and if you think about getting off random Delicious rec's (hits) pop up to pull you back in. And don't even get me started on [community profile] spnstoryfinders with all there "hey we can find any story you would EVER  want to read just come inside and join"  I mean seriously I have been "going to bed" sense 12:00am it is now 8:18am. Everytime I get ready to log off I think "just let me check my inbox just one more time" and there is always ALWAYS new messages and fics and updates and of course I have to read them and save them to read later and reply to my messages, it is just a vicious unending cycle that just.keeps.pulling
But I cant deny that new fic makes me happy and updates to WIP's that I  am following makes me do my "fic happy dance" ALL day so *shrugs* heh it aint so bad.

~Much Luv Delight~

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Twin Plot Bunnies Took Over My Brain!

The OC )

Supernatural X-Over )
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This is my first ever plot bunny post well excluding number 1 because it's not mine AND I have posted it before. But I have never released any of my own home grown bunnies on the world. I wanted to find out what y'all think. And if anyone wants to take one home to love, care for and feed I would not be opposed. But mostly I want to know what y'all think and if i should keep posting bunnies; because yes I have more many many more waiting for and good loving home.


If you choose to write one of these Please let me know where I can read it.
I have very detailed plot Ideas but no writing skill to speak of so....I would love to see what your wonderful writing minds can come up with. Thanks in advance. 

Autistic!Dean Brain!Damaged!Sam )

Dean With OCD )
Feral/Wild Child Dean )
Dean Has MPD/DID )
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thoughts on 3 of the best season finalies for me..... )


Mar. 7th, 2009 04:43 am
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So, I was sitting and thinking .... )


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