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Title: My Dean
Fandom: Supernatural
Author: Delight [profile] aelijah85 
Rating/Genre: R, Horror, angst
Warnings: Creepiness?
Characters:Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester
Pairings: Can be read as Sam/Dean
Summary: Its the end of Deans deal, but Sammy has a plan. Sams'POV

Word Count: 231

Disclaimer: I own nothing, but the idea for this story. Sam and/or Dean do NOT belong to me in any way shape or form (weeps)

The Poem used in this story is called “Good Night Sweet Prince” and was written by apoetree

The link to the complete poem can be found here


5 days 120 hours 7200 minutes 432,000 seconds



We’re coming for him Sammy; you know that he can hear us don’t you?


We own him, he’s OURS and there is nothing you can do about it.


2 days 48 hours 2880 minutes 172,800 seconds


Hey Dean, glad your back I think I found a way out.


You serious Sam? You think or you know?


I'm sure I have, here’s a beer

I'll tell you about it over dinner.



Goodnight sweet prince


Hey Dean you feeling okay?


Yeah Sammy, Just a little tired all of a sudden.



Goodnight sweet prince


Come lay down Dean, we were on the road a while after this last hunt, it’s probably just now catching up you is all.

I’m kind of tired myself; we should just make it an early night, yeah?


Yeah, yeah Sammy sounds good. Night





Goodnight sweet prince


S'my, s'my?


Yeah Dean right here, just getting some stuff together, I told you I would save you remember? I TOLD you.


Wha? s'mmy wh'du Do? whas goin on?


Don’t worry about it Dean. I’ve fixed everything, you’ll see, we’ll be together forever.


But...No S'my, wha?...


Rest Dean, just rest.


That’s it, rest Dean, MY Dean.

No one will ever take you away from me.



Goodnight sweet prince


Sleep well and I will see you again in time,

Forever my love till we meet again.

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Okay so I have one plot bunny. But it is for two different fandoms the bunny involves
Haptephobia – fear of being touched.

What if Ryan had 
Haptephobia And not just a dislike of being touched? because srsly I feel after growing up w/ that much abuse he was a bit symptom free for the most part. Anger issues,trust issues and some other things seen here and there in various episodes aside. Plus I am a h/c junkie so I would love to read a story like this.

Okay so I've seen it y'all have seen it, in fic how Dean is not fond of being touched. The only exception being Sam (most of the time) so I would love a fic where Dean has
Haptephobia. I think Sam would have some kind of idea of whats going on already. John can be a little late to the party (understanding wise) but I would love some Awesome!Fatherly!John also some Bobby and Missouri in there to. 

Both of these bunnies are looking for a good home. So if you want them all I ask is that you let me know where you post it so that I can read it, Thanks.
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Read more... )
This episode reminded me why I started watching Supernatural.
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Twin Plot Bunnies Took Over My Brain!

The OC )

Supernatural X-Over )
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This is my first ever plot bunny post well excluding number 1 because it's not mine AND I have posted it before. But I have never released any of my own home grown bunnies on the world. I wanted to find out what y'all think. And if anyone wants to take one home to love, care for and feed I would not be opposed. But mostly I want to know what y'all think and if i should keep posting bunnies; because yes I have more many many more waiting for and good loving home.


If you choose to write one of these Please let me know where I can read it.
I have very detailed plot Ideas but no writing skill to speak of so....I would love to see what your wonderful writing minds can come up with. Thanks in advance. 

Autistic!Dean Brain!Damaged!Sam )

Dean With OCD )
Feral/Wild Child Dean )
Dean Has MPD/DID )
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thoughts on 3 of the best season finalies for me..... )
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Okay so here is whats going on with me and mine as of late....
I have given myself an ultimatum to watch all episodes of supernatural that have aired sense after 4x14 Sex&Violence or I cant read any SPN fic for a whole day, and have also thoroughly scolded myself for being such a Pansy.
( god i'm harsh) Even thoe I did the same thing before and refused to watch episode 3x16 until after season 4 came on because I didnt want to watch Dean get torn apart and sent to hell. and the reason behind my current pansy assness.... the way Sam'n'Dean's Relationship has been kinda going down the pooper with all the hurt and lies and secrets has got me all kinds of upset but I am going to suck it up and do it....Starting tomorrow that is (okay okay fine tonight, geeze I need to take a chill pill). And now for whats going on in my real life. My sister and I should be moving sometime next week so there will be lots of packing and cleaning to be done *YAY!* (not) and also I am currently watching 9 children thru the week ages from 1yr-14yrs but thankfully not at the same time *whew*. Well thats all for now TA TA! <^.^>



Mar. 7th, 2009 04:43 am
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So, I was sitting and thinking .... )



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