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Title: My Dean
Fandom: Supernatural
Author: Delight [profile] aelijah85 
Rating/Genre: R, Horror, angst
Warnings: Creepiness?
Characters:Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester
Pairings: Can be read as Sam/Dean
Summary: Its the end of Deans deal, but Sammy has a plan. Sams'POV

Word Count: 231

Disclaimer: I own nothing, but the idea for this story. Sam and/or Dean do NOT belong to me in any way shape or form (weeps)

The Poem used in this story is called “Good Night Sweet Prince” and was written by apoetree

The link to the complete poem can be found here


5 days 120 hours 7200 minutes 432,000 seconds



We’re coming for him Sammy; you know that he can hear us don’t you?


We own him, he’s OURS and there is nothing you can do about it.


2 days 48 hours 2880 minutes 172,800 seconds


Hey Dean, glad your back I think I found a way out.


You serious Sam? You think or you know?


I'm sure I have, here’s a beer

I'll tell you about it over dinner.



Goodnight sweet prince


Hey Dean you feeling okay?


Yeah Sammy, Just a little tired all of a sudden.



Goodnight sweet prince


Come lay down Dean, we were on the road a while after this last hunt, it’s probably just now catching up you is all.

I’m kind of tired myself; we should just make it an early night, yeah?


Yeah, yeah Sammy sounds good. Night





Goodnight sweet prince


S'my, s'my?


Yeah Dean right here, just getting some stuff together, I told you I would save you remember? I TOLD you.


Wha? s'mmy wh'du Do? whas goin on?


Don’t worry about it Dean. I’ve fixed everything, you’ll see, we’ll be together forever.


But...No S'my, wha?...


Rest Dean, just rest.


That’s it, rest Dean, MY Dean.

No one will ever take you away from me.



Goodnight sweet prince


Sleep well and I will see you again in time,

Forever my love till we meet again.

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This episode reminded me why I started watching Supernatural.
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