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Mother of my Blood, Flesh and Bone.
I love you because you gave me life.
Mother of my heart.
I love you because you gave me love and showed me how to love.
Mother of my spirit.
I love you because you gave me comfort and a safe haven when I was lost and couldn't find my way.
My Mother.
I love you because you are my mother.

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I plan to have the conversations'verse be like open interpretation as far as characters,Relationship, etc,etc meaning some stories could be m/m, f/f, m/f parent child, two friends so on and so on. Its really up to how you interpret it. but the Premise is that they will be just random conversations that people would have in there lives. But I do hope people don't think I am just to lazy to actually build a plot and characters.

~Feedback/Comments will be welcomed and appreciated. Flames/Wank will be ignored and deleted~


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So....Can I borrow it? No. Its only for a day. No. For a couple of hours then? Pleeease? N.O. Okay fine, why not? Because its mine, I said so  and I would miss it. Seriously? You are so attached to it that I cant even use it? your kidding right? Is this the face of someone who is kidding? you are I can not believe you are being like this over..over a.. its just a freakin shirt! Its special. What? Its special okay?! Are you...Crying? NO. oh god I am so going to regret this. What about if you come with me AND "the shirt"? Don't air quote the shirt she doesn't like that. This is ridiculous. Says the person who begged yes begged me to wear her. Fine whatever I am going to wait in the car, 5 minutes and I am leaving AND i'm taking  the shirt. Hey! What! Can I borrow some pants?!

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If I told you I was sorry would you believe me? If I told you it was for your own good would you accept it? You say you never WANTED To lie, but the truth was just to painful. I say you might be right; But who's to say? Its already to late.
Cant we just start over? try again? I swear it will be better this time. Maybe, but it will, We will never be the same. Just give it time. Just give us another chance? I want to try again. I don't know if I can. It would hurt to much if we didn't try to make it work. I thought it was working and it still hurt. GODDAMMIT I FUCKING LOVE YOU! I've always loved you, but obviously it wasn't enough.

A/N This is not what I was referring to in my poll. This is an orig work I am thinking of building on.


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