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Technically i'm technical, Literally i'm literal, Realistically i'm real, Naturally i'm natural, Artistically i'm artistic, Honestly i'm honest, Spiritually i'm spiritual, Weirdly enough i'm weird , Secretly i'm secretive, Publicly i'm public. But totally i'm ME the one and only never to be duplicated 100% originally original.

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Okay so I have come to a discision LJ is a new drug that seeps into your blood stream through secret micro waves that get absorbed through your eyeballs and if you think about getting off random Delicious rec's (hits) pop up to pull you back in. And don't even get me started on [community profile] spnstoryfinders with all there "hey we can find any story you would EVER  want to read just come inside and join"  I mean seriously I have been "going to bed" sense 12:00am it is now 8:18am. Everytime I get ready to log off I think "just let me check my inbox just one more time" and there is always ALWAYS new messages and fics and updates and of course I have to read them and save them to read later and reply to my messages, it is just a vicious unending cycle that just.keeps.pulling
But I cant deny that new fic makes me happy and updates to WIP's that I  am following makes me do my "fic happy dance" ALL day so *shrugs* heh it aint so bad.

~Much Luv Delight~

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Okay so here is whats going on with me and mine as of late....
I have given myself an ultimatum to watch all episodes of supernatural that have aired sense after 4x14 Sex&Violence or I cant read any SPN fic for a whole day, and have also thoroughly scolded myself for being such a Pansy.
( god i'm harsh) Even thoe I did the same thing before and refused to watch episode 3x16 until after season 4 came on because I didnt want to watch Dean get torn apart and sent to hell. and the reason behind my current pansy assness.... the way Sam'n'Dean's Relationship has been kinda going down the pooper with all the hurt and lies and secrets has got me all kinds of upset but I am going to suck it up and do it....Starting tomorrow that is (okay okay fine tonight, geeze I need to take a chill pill). And now for whats going on in my real life. My sister and I should be moving sometime next week so there will be lots of packing and cleaning to be done *YAY!* (not) and also I am currently watching 9 children thru the week ages from 1yr-14yrs but thankfully not at the same time *whew*. Well thats all for now TA TA! <^.^>



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