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Twin Plot Bunnies Took Over My Brain!

1) Ryan has a twin brother not Seth or Trey but a twin along with trey as a big brother. The twins would be more traumatized then Ryan is in canon and they would be younger like 13-14, maybe? Kirsten would wan't to take the boy's in right away not like cannon, so no house fire or jail time because there was no need to run away. Sandy & Kirsten would be able to tell them apart after Seth explains how. They only really communicate with Seth at first. I saw them either being mute or deaf or one being mute and the other deaf; from birth or caused by abuse. All of the Cohens know sign language Sandy because of work Kirsten maybe learned in college and writers choice of how Seth knows it. and also Trey knows it. I would like Trey to be different then cannon also. He wanted to take his brothers in but couldnt afford to so he just helped when he could (money, place to hang out sometimes. etc.etc) so this would be like a cohens+3 only they wouldnt foster/adopt Trey he would just be around a lot. also NO Marissa/Ryan or Marissa/Twin ship she can be in the story just no relationship with ryan, twin, seth or trey. Can be au, cannon, au/cannon, slash (not w/Sandy) or het (not w/Kirsten) or Gen

2) Sentinel Winchesters Supernatural X-over with The Sentinel. Sam'n'Dean have Sentinel abilities (Sam can have his Psychic abilities or not)  For this fic Sam and Dean or twins (fraternal) and have had their abilities sense about the age of 6-8 yrs they just didnt fully show until about 13yrs and became stronger from then on. (John is a Sentinel also). When Jim&Blair meet Sam'n'Dean they don't understand why their abilities are so much stronger then Jim's for them to be younger then him (21yrs) and to have not been isolated like Jim was. Until they find out that they never let their abilities go dormant like he did when they were younger. (also they come from a long line of Sentinels, so they know even more about them then Blair does). I think it would be interesting if Jim & Blair meet Sam and Dean because Blair suggests Jim get better control and understanding of his abilities and somehow they get sent to them. Can be au, cannon, au/cannon, slash/wincest Jim/Blair-Sam/Dean or Gen no het or daddy!cest please.
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