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 Title: Friends and Failures
Fandom: Farscape
Author: Delight [profile] aelijah85 
Rating/Genre: angst, h/c, pg-13
Warnings: Pre-slash (but can be read as Gen)
Characters: D'Argo, John Crichton
Pairings: n/a
D'Argo looks into Johns eyes and sees his failure's.
Word Count:200

This is a coda to episode 2x21 "Liars, Guns and Money (Part 3): Plan B" I wrote it as pre-slash,mostly because I see almost everything as either slash or pre-slash. But can be read as gen. And as always, reviews and con-criticism is always welcomed and cherished.

I own nothing, nada, zilch, bub-kiss, zero. So any confusion on this fact is all your own.


"Kill me D'Argo. Please, kill me?"

Looking in his eyes, I knew that I was losing him. Crichton, my John,

was slowly being taken away from me. I couldn't help feeling responsible, if I had stood by him, believed he was on my side and really wanted my son, Jothee, back he might not have given himself up to Scorpius, for me.

I know that now, that everything he did, all the pain he put himself through, was for me.

And now, looking in his confused and lost eyes, that knowledge, hurts. But if he could sacrifice himself for me, then I can suffer this pain for him.

Hearing him beg me to kill him, my only thought was, could I fix this? Fix himBefore it was too late, before he wasn't just lost but gone, completely.

He was asking me, no, begging me to kill him, I would die for him, kill for him, anything he needed me to.

Except this, anything, but not this.

And I knew with a shocking clarity, that because of my failing him not once but twice, that he would pay the price.

And there was nothing I could do to stop it.


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